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If you’ve faced discrimination, wrongful termination, or have been denied fair pay, we’re here to stand by your side and ensure your rights are protected.

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Do you know?


of working adults in the United States have experienced discrimination at work.


workers who were separated from their jobs in 2022, 4.4 million were laid off.


workers in the United States were paid less than the minimum wage or overtime pay.

What to do when you get..

Discriminated against


Minimum wage for overtime

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Experienced Employment Attorneys

Our team of seasoned employment lawyers specializes in cases of workplace discrimination, wrongful termination, and wage disputes.

Unyielding Dedication

We are relentless in our pursuit of justice, leaving no stone unturned to protect your rights.

Proven Results

Our history of successful cases and satisfied clients speaks to our expertise and unwavering commitment.

Compassionate Advocates

We understand the emotional toll these issues can take. Our compassionate approach ensures you receive the support you deserve.

Employee representation


Our legal team is dedicated to protecting your rights in cases of workplace discrimination. We’ll fight for justice and ensure you’re treated fairly.


When disputes arise, we’re your trusted advocates, prepared to take your case to court if necessary to fight for your rights.

Wage & Hour Laws

Don’t let employers shortchange you. You deserve the proper pay for every hour worked. We advocate to get you paid properly in addition to liquidated damages/penalties that result in more money than what you are owed.


We seek amicable resolutions whenever possible, striving to find common ground to resolve workplace conflicts efficiently and fairly.


If you’ve faced repercussions for asserting your rights, we’ll stand by you and will try to hold employers accountable for their actions.

Severance Agreements

Negotiating a fair exit is essential. Let us ensure your best interests are protected during this transition.

Family Medical Leave Act

Our law firm can help you assert your rights if you have been denied family medical leave or retaliated against for taking protected leave.

Employer Services And Defense Compliance

Litigation defense

When legal disputes arise, our experienced team is your steadfast shield. We navigate the complex world of litigation to protect your business, ensuring that you’re well-prepared and expertly represented when it matters most.

Prevention services

Proactive measures save your business from legal headaches. Our prevention services are your strategic partner, offering tailored guidance and compliance strategies to safeguard your company, minimize risks, and keep you ahead of potential legal issues.

Wage & hour compliance or defense

Wage and hour complexities can be a minefield for employers. Our dedicated experts specialize in wage and hour matters, ensuring that your company adheres to all regulations. And if you’re facing a dispute, we’re here to fiercely defend your rights and interests to minimize your exposure and protect your business.

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Juan Perez
Juan Perez
Excelente firma muy buena la abogada que logró mi caso con existo la recomiendo
Santos Maradiaga
Santos Maradiaga
Muy bien me gusto como mecatendieron y mi caso fue ganado son muy buenos abogados se los recomiendo grasias
Janice Donoho
Janice Donoho
The Spencer Firm helped me with a discrepancy with my employer that I never could of accomplished without them. Dyka was amazing! This firm is not only Extremely professional, but they have a way with their clients that makes one feel Confident and assured that they are going to succeed with whatever they set out to accomplish. Dyka was generous with her time, explaining things every step of the way. I am happy with the outcome and would highly recommend The Spencer Firm.
Alisa Sheppard
Alisa Sheppard
Everyone needs individuals who will listen and go over and beyond for you, this law office does this and more! Wonderful staff assistance and lawyers! Would highly recommend them!
Shari Mostofi
Shari Mostofi
I highly recommend attorney Spencer! She’s very professional, courteous, and communicative. I truly appreciate how she handled my case and the outcome!!
Olivia turpin
Olivia turpin
Attorney Spencer and her team are wonderful! An attorney that isn’t all about the money but truly concerned about what is right. She knows the law and will work hard to get you what you deserve! The team is respectful and thorough and from day one Attorney Spencer to the time to hear and understand my concerns. My daughter is a minor and she took this case on without hesitation and in the end was more concerned about getting what my daughter was owed more that getting paid herself. I can not thank Attorney Spencer and her team enough!
Kare Martinez
Kare Martinez
My case was solved within two weeks. The Spencer firm negotiated my severance package, double the timeline originally offered and I was able to keep my benefits for 9 months. Not originally offered by my previous employer. I can’t thank them enough for the professionalism and great communication during the process.
Chasity White
Chasity White
The experience was NOTHING short of amazing! The Spencer firm was responsive, sympathetic and determined to get a speedy and fair resolution! At the time that I came to them, I was going through what I was the most difficult period in my life. The level of care and competence is unmatched and I will surely refer them to anyone who may need their services in the future. Many that’s to Deyka and the team!

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Questions Clients Bring To Our Law Offices

Through a basic review of the facts and analysis of relevant laws, it will not take long for our intake team  to deliver an informed answer to this question. Contact The Spencer Firm, LLC, to discuss your potential overtime or discrimination case with an attorney.

To answer this question, our lawyers will consider the facts of your case in light of relevant federal laws, state laws, and local, and other laws and regulations. Once you provide the details of your case to our intake specialist- we will review the merits of your case. .As soon as you suspect your employer has violated a law by withholding overtime pay or requiring you to work off the clock, talk to a lawyer. The statute of limitations — two years for a federal court case or three years for a Maryland court/D.C. case — can come and go before you know it. Developing a compelling

Clear expectations are very helpful as you embark on an employment law case. Keep in mind that surprises — good or bad — may develop. Nevertheless, an understanding of the events to anticipate can help you prepare to be fully engaged and help your own case.

A review of your employment contract, patterns of termination at your place of employment, industry trends, federal laws and the circumstances leading to your layoff may all help answer these questions. Talk to an experienced lawyer at The Spencer Firm, LLC, to get an idea about what amount of severance pay is appropriate in your case. We can also review the severance agreement for you.

Early legal counsel can help you prepare to file a retaliation claim against your employer if the employer violates relevant laws, such as discrimination, overtime, wage laws, etc.

Employment laws apply to you even if you do not have proper legal status. However, every case is unique. The wage and hour laws provide protection for those that have experienced wage theft and want to pursue their rights to get paid what they are owed.  For confidential analysis, contact The Spencer Firm, LLC. Attorney Deyka Williams Spencer is a native of Panama (Central America), raised in Maryland and is fully bilingual.  Our team is composed of natives from El Salvador as well who speak Spanish fluently.

Our law firm has represented many clients that are not documented and were not paid properly. We are confident that we can give you reliable advice and direction in your employment law case, particularly in overtime and wage violations.

This is a fair question, and we can best answer it after learning about the particulars of your case. Unpaid wage case results vary and depend on the employer’s speed to respond and their finances. We have had cases settle as fast as a week and others take as long as 2 years in court. The average case settles in roughly 2-3 months. We cannot guarantee that you will get reimbursed but most of our clients do get reimbursed and are able to request double or three times the amount owed.

If you have a discrimination case, you need to file your claim quickly with the appropriate agency because they have deadlines (statue of limitations) and if you miss your deadline, you may have lost your ability to fight for your rights. You can file on your own or we can file the complaint for you through the appropriate agency. We also represent clients through the agency process and attend their mediations.

For the best results, do not delay. Call 301-637-2866 or send an email message to schedule a consultation. The Spencer Firm, LLC, is here to answer your questions about employment law and the associated legal processes. If you want to talk directly to one of our attorneys, you can schedule a paid consultation either on this site or by calling our office. If you want a free case evaluation, our intake staff (non-attorneys) will take the information and will follow-up with you to help.

About Jeannine Gomez - Associate Attorney

Jeannine received her J.D. in 2007, magna cum laude, from the University of the District of Columbia (UDC), David A. Clarke School of Law. She received two merit scholarships, including a Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Scholarship. Upon graduation, Jeannine was recognized with the Dean’s Fellow Award (top 10% of graduating class) and a Clinical Legal Education Association Outstanding Student Award.

Jeannine has over fifteen years of experience as a trial attorney providing the highest quality of client-centered representation. She prides herself on her patience, sensitivity, and ability to connect and communicate with her clients including in Spanish and French.

Areas of Practice

Employment Law- Discrimination

Family Law

Immigration Law